Download the corpus and the scripts

Not only does Drama Critiquesdata is in open access (more than 36 000 reviews are available for now, the full corpus is available on request), but also all of its programming scripts which enabled us to carry out the technical analyses. You can also download it on Zenodo (Licence : Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International). You can thus run all the algorithms on the whole corpus again to better understand the results, or adapt them to your own data. Sharing our database and scripts enables us to ensure the transparency of our experiences, an important point in research that is central to Drama Critiques. The purpose of this page is then to enable all those who would like to work both in literature and in computer science to benefit from a large and new corpus that is entirely clean (more than 1 400 hours of cleaning).

To download the journalistic corpus:
To download the digital corpus:
To download the scripts:
To download the app “Behind the Machine”